Meet The Team


Kevin is the founder of Pack Pals Dog Walking Limited. Pack Pals Dog Walking was established in March 2016. Kevin formed the business after being let down by dog walkers in the past for his own dog. He decided what better job is there than spending the day with man's best friends in the fresh air. Kevin is now working behind the scenes assisting with administrative tasks, and helping to manage the diary.

A little bit more about Kevin:

Favourite Dog Breed: Definitely Border Collies, loyal, friendly, intelligent and they love to be walked.

Current Pets: Unfortunately I don't currently have any pets but hope to own a dog again in the future.

Favourite Local Walk: The Lookout, the dogs love it as well and its always beautiful.

Favourite Pastime Activity: I love spending time in the woods but also love a good book and playing squash

Becky is the director, owner and manager of Pack Pals Dog Walking. Becky's career with Pack Pals started in September 2017. Originally a full time dog walker with us after leaving sixth form. She came on board as a director in March 2019. She now manages all the admin work as well as taking on the ad hoc dog walking bookings we get. Becky completed an extended pet care course. Obtaining a diploma in; Dog Walking & Pet sitting, Pet Nutrition, Pet Psychology, Dog Grooming.

A little bit more about Becky:

Favourite Dog Breed: I like all dogs! I currently have two terrier cross breeds which are great fun. But if I had to pick it would be a staffordshire bull terrier

Favourite Local Walk: I like peacock meadows but my favourite woodland walk is Simon's Wood or Swinley park. 

Favourite Pastime activity: I like playing football and spending time with my dogs. 

Current pets: I have two dogs, 3 tortoises, 2 lizards and a snake. We've always had lots of pets in my house/Zoo!

Favourite Pet Film: Hotel for pets or The Secret life of Pets'

Gabi is another one of our walkers. Gabi joined us at Pack Pals in November 2019. She absolutely adores all animals! But especially and most importantly in this case... Dogs! Gabi is a qualified nail technician and practices this in her spare time along with caring for her daughter. Gabi covers Bracknell, Crowthorne and Wokingham when we need her over there! :) 

A little bit more about Gabi:

Favourite breed of dog: Currently a teddy bear Pomeranian 

Current pets: I have a black ragdoll cat called Sabrina

Favourite local walk: Swinley park is my favourite I love how you can walk for 30 minutes or disappear for hours up there

Favourite pastime activity: EATING!

Favourite food: Any Thai food

Favourite pet film: Beethoven


Abby is another one of our team of dog walkers. Abby has recently joined us at Pack Pals in March 2022. Abby enjoys walks with her golden doodle Freddie and accessorising him in bandanas. Abby studied her honours degree in special effects at Southampton Solent University. In her spare time Abby enjoys baking cakes with a club she belongs too, where they have a themed cake each month- we are yet to try some of Abby's culinary creations ourselves but I am sure they are delicious. 

A little bit more about Abby:

Favourite breed of dog: I like big dogs so I think my favourite breed would have to be a doberman 

Current pets: Freddie my golden doodle and two gerbils, Billie and Bucky

Favourite local walk: Shepherds Meadow is lovely

Favourite pastime activity: I enjoy going to the gym

Favourite food: Definitely pie, sweet or savoury but pieeeee!

Favourite pet film: Secret life of pets


This is Charlotte, who has recently joined us at Pack Pals in April 2022. Charlotte has her own dog Del Boy, a Jack Russell Terrier crossed with a cocker spaniel, and two cats at home. Charlotte enjoys all aspects of looking after animals and is looking forward to studying to the world of veterinary medicine in the future. As well as caring for her pets, Charlotte also has a young son who keeps her on her toes! Charlotte spent a few years working within the animal industry in both vets and petting zoos before joining us here at Pack pals. 

A little bit more about Charlotte:

Favourite breed of dog: Biased I know but nothing can beat a 'cocker Jack' 

Current pets: My dog Del boy and my two cats Bella and Pebbles. 

Favourite local walk: Westmorland park & Hayley green woods

Favourite pastime activity: I used to love doing trampolining lessons! But now I love spending time with my son.

Favourite food: All Food! More specifically anything with Pasta.. Yum!

Favourite pet film: Hachi or 101 Dalmatians 

Yasmin was one of our full time walkers. Yasmin started with us in the summer of 2019. Since completing her studies in real estate management with the University College of Estate Management, Yasmin now has another job but still helps out on evenings and weekends. She couldn't bare to part with us completely. Lol

A little bit more about Yasmin:

Favourite breed of dog: German shepherds! I currently own a white german shepherd name Lexi and a shih tzu called Charlie. But I also have 2 cats called Truffles and Sootzii

Favourite Local Walk: Swinley Forest

Favourite pastime activity: Netflix

Favourite food: Thai food- but all food is good!

Favourite Pet Film: Homeward bound