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If I book a walk will time be deducted for travel?

No. We do not charge you for travel time.

If you book a 60 minute walk your dog will receive a full 60 minute walk. The walk doesn't start until they arrive at the walk location. 


How many dogs will my dogs be walked with?

We are insured to take up to 6 dogs, we limit this to 4 dogs per walker as we feel this is a safe amount of dogs without diminishing their fun.

Are you insured?

Of course, Pack Pals is insured through Cliverton. We recommend that you read our Service Agreement and that your pet is insured by a reputable pet insurance company. Pack Pals staff are all insured, DBS background checked and canine first aid trained. 

How do I book in a service and pay for my services?

We have an online booking system which can be used to log in, upload details about yourself and your pets, including their veterinary details. You can book, manage and cancel service bookings, as well as see the current charges on your account under the quotes section.


Using this online booking system we also send you service reports with an update on your pooches walk including a photo of them enjoying their walk. This booking system is compatible with both computers and mobile devices so can be used anytime, anywhere.


What areas do Pack Pals cover?

Pack Pals currently cover Bracknell, Binfield and Crowthorne and the surrounding areas. 

We are always expanding so please do not hesitate to get into contact if you live outside the areas listed. 

Can Pack Pals walk my dog?

Pack Pals try to accept all dogs, unfortunately there are a few caveats, dogs must be neutered or spayed and sociable with other dogs. Your dog must wear a collar or harness with a tag as it's the law, and must have a registered microchip.


We are unable to walk any dog without a pet identity tag.  


No dogs will be let off lead without permission from owners.

We are able to accommodate on lead dogs providing their are trained to walk appropriately on lead.

Dogs with anxiety or reactive behaviour can be walked but please contact us for more information.

Please be aware we will not walk a dog for any period of time that is longer than the veterinary recommendation for their age.


What happens in an emergency?

We have a health and safety policy which all staff are well trained on. In the event of an incident we will always try to take your dog to their own vet but in an emergency dogs will be taken to the nearest vet for veterinary treatment. 


What is your cancellation policy?

Our online booking system allows the free cancellation bookings up to 48 hours before the service.


If you cannot cancel your service using the online system we ask you contact us to cancel your booking.


Cancellations made on the day of your booking will be charged for the full service amount. 

Do Pack Pals accept ad hoc bookings?

Here at Pack Pals we do not charge retainer fees, we accept ad hoc bookings providing we have conducted a free customer consultation with yourself and your dog in your home.


This is to ensure all dogs are familiar with us and comfortable with us in their home.


You are under no obligation to book a service with us. Our service is here for you to use as and when you require us. Your first walk with Pack Pals is completely free. 


What are your prices?

You can see all the prices on this web page.

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