What we are doing to keep our

customers safe

Due to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, Pack Pals will be putting in place new measures and guidelines

to stop the spread of this virus from one household to another.

These are outlined below:

1. Individual Towels to be used per pet. Towels will be washed at high temperature after each use, and each dog will have its own towel.

2. Face coverings and Surgical Gloves or hand sanitiser will be used entering and vacating your home

3. All dog leads to be cleaned after their walks with a Pet safe anti-bacterial wipes/spray.

4. If owners are showing signs of a cold or virus, we unfortunately cannot walk your dog unless you have been tested and the results come back negative. Unfortunately for those with confirmed cases of the virus we will not be able to offer a service. Please let us know at your earliest convenience if you are experiencing any symptoms.

5. We have issued all our walkers with Formula H disinfectant/antibacterial spray, which is a pet safe product. This will be used in vehicles carrying your pets where we feel this action could reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

6. Pack Pals extend the offer of advice to all our clients, if they need more information on keeping their dogs exercised and stimulated in the home.

7. We will keep all our clients updated if the business is affected in any way and if the closure of business becomes necessary.

8. Pack Pals and our staff continue to follow Vets and Governments guidelines throughout this period


This virus can be contained, it is in Pack Pals best interest to do as much as we possible can to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

During this time we ask that your dogs are always easily accessible to limit our time within the home. Please be aware we will not be able to enter any properties when there is someone currently home. In this circumstance please make sure your dog is easy for us collect from the front door without entering. We regret to say that if we are unable to collect them we would not be able to take them for their walk. These processes are in place to protect yourselves and our staff and we apologise for any inconvenience.

Take care and stay safe.